Variety, and other publications, report that over 22 million people will have cancelled cable and satellite TV at the end of 2017. Are you tired of paying the high cost, but feel you cannot do without internet or TV programming? Well, you are not alone.

How would you like to get everything needed to cut your cable TV subscription – for free?

Now you have an option to CUT THE CORD and still have internet service and TV programming. It is in the palm of your hand; your mobile phone.

Simply plug in THE CORD CUTTER to your TV and your phone shows whatever you are watching on your HDTV WITHOUT the need for an internet connection.

22 Million People

Unlike Chromecast or Miracast

Both require an external WIFI/internet connection

Your phone does this without wires so you are free to continue to use your phone while enjoying your favorite TV show or sports event. Your phone’s hot spot will provide the internet connection for your computers. So now you can CUT THE CORD – entirely – not just the TV channel lineup – all of it – the whole bill. Impossible you say. Yes it was. “Was” being the key word. Keep reading.

I am going to be brutally honest. If you have cable or satellite with TV programming and if after you read this you don’t at least cancel your TV portion of your cable bill, well…. you are just nuts. Yes, I am blunt.

There is a LOT of information on this site and we try hard to keep it simple. However, it is a good idea to bookmark this site as you are going to want to want to come back and refer to it as you do your research.


The Big Name Networks

For $20, or even less (not $20 each), per month you can get channels, including:

  • ESPN2 & 3
  • AMC
  • TNT
  • History
  • Food Network
  • HGTV
  • CNN
  • Disney channel

HBO and others are also available.

Simply log in with your phone and then project the video and sound onto your HDTV. This way you retain your 4G LTE phone data speed because you are not using your phones HotSpot (which typically only plays at 3G speed – which will lag and stop until it catches up).

Network Logos

Making the Switch

Switching your current mobile phone service

All you need to do is switch your current mobile phone service to the AirWireless Plan –(T-Mobile business service) — with unlimited 4G LTV speed phone service. This unlimited plan includes talk, text, data — with no data charged for over 100 premium TV channels.

The phone service costs $60 per month including all fees and taxes, which may or may not be higher than your current phone bill, but you are saving whatever you are paying for cable now.

Example: if you are now paying $40 for your phone bill and $120 for cable for a total of $160 per month, you now will be paying just the phone bill – saving you $100 per month. This is all possible because T-Mobile for Business – AirWireless has customized a data plan/with voice, that allows you to get over 100 channels and watching via your phone and HDTV – does NOT count towards your data allotment. This is only available at AirWireless.

Download the apps from all of these channel providers

Check out AirWireless for more details.

What about local channels?

Simple, just get a MOHU HD antenna. I know it might be hard to believe, but you will get from 25 to over 100 channels depending on where you live – and at a higher quality picture than cable.

These antennas are priced from $18 and up to as much as $60. If you live within 25 miles of the TV towers, you do not need a high end antenna.


Current T-Mobile Customers

All you have to change is your billing to AirWireless– keep the same SIM card.

Learn More

Cord Cutter + MOHU

Get THE CORD CUTTER device — And a MOHU antenna and you are on the way to having mobile phone service, internet service, and TV service and saving big money on your cable bill. What is more important? Paying cable or putting $100 per month into your children’s college fund? The answer is pretty simple of course.

Take your time; feel free to ask us any questions. In fact, bookmark this site as you will want to come back and get questions answered, Check out Sling TV (free for 7 days) and other streaming services. Check out MOHU antennas. They are the highest rated of all HD antenna companies.

First, validate your location for 4G LTE speed. Returns are time consuming for all. If you fall in the bottom two categories, light pink and beige – you probably need to stay with cable – sorry. BUT, you can still get ride of your Cable TV channels. Doing that alone saved me $75 per month.

Check out the list of Binge On channel providers

Cord Cutter + MOHU

When you are ready to start saving lots of money, come back and get going with THE CORD CUTTER.

If you are skeptical, that is not a problem. Just read all in this site, make sure you live in a good location, and order a casting device and the antenna that fits your distance. Test both the device and the antenna. Once you see how this all works, then you need to switch your phone service because you will run through all of your allotted data rather quickly. But you say your plan has unlimited data? Then call them and ask if you stream videos – a lot – will your plan suffer? Only T-Mobile for business, supplied by AirWireless has the special customized data plan w/voice that makes this concept work.

Not ready to jump in with both feet?

No problem. Here are the baby steps that you need to do:

I: Order an antenna and a CordCutter device, depending how far away you are from the TV towers. We of course take returns, but you will want to keep the antenna because once you get all of the information here, you will at the very least, be cancelling the TV portion of your cable service. And the CordCutter device – you will probably want to keep it as well as you can use it in so many ways; Showing off pictures in your phone on your TV, using it during video calls with your family, so the whole family can watch on your TV;. Playing games – cast to your TV screen, etc. etc. Now you can test the CordCutter to assure yourself it works as it is supposed to. But don’t watch much video as videos will eat up the allotted data on your current plan.

Research all of the channel options available

Our favorites are Sling TV – $20/mo, because it does not count any data against your data allotment and the price of course. Gears TV is another favorite – $18.50/mo, and close to 300 channels, including ALL the HBO’s, ESPN’s and other premium channels at no extra charge. The only bad thing is that you must watch it using your internet connection because Set TV is not yet on T-Mobile’s list of no-charge data sources. Gears TV also requires that you use an Amazon Firestick – $40.

II: Now – once you have seen the TV options, and there are many others, you can now cancel the TV portion of your cable service. Look at your bill and/or call your cable provider and see how much you are going to save. You might want to also get an Amazon Firestick at this point. (Which can also be powered with your phones hotspot). At this point you have saved enough in just the first month to pay for your antenna and CordCutter.

III: Once you have gone this far, check to make sure you live where there is a good T-Mobile connection, and you are now ready to cut the rest of your bill. Switch one of your phones to the T-Mobile via AirWireless special, customized, plan. Simply trade your cable box with your new cell plan. You will have your hotspot to run your computers and laptops, plus it now becomes your “cable box”. And this final option saves you the entire monthly cable bill. Nice huh?

Overall – you have zero to lose and only dollars back in your pocket, no matter if you just cancel the TV portion of your bill – or the whole thing entirely.

Here is a little tidbit of information. Are you aware that T-Mobile recently acquired a cable company?

Want a glimpse into the future? Sprint and T-Mobile have merged – as of 4/29/2018.



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